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What Others Are Saying

Beauty Leads The Way is more than a powerful song, it is Jeremy’s own story of redemption. In his concert at our church, he hit on the journey from head to heart, singing songs that so often express the inexpressible... and for that I am forever grateful.
— Rev. Dr. Dean Weaver (Lead Pastor, Memorial Park Church in Pittsburgh, PA)
Jeremy Casella is one of those uncommon artists that excels both as a nimble songwriter and a compelling performer. As a songwriter, Jeremy effortlessly weaves together voices of joy, sorrow, and beauty. As a performer, he is able to embody those voices with an integrity that easily transports the listener on a journey of hope.
— Tim Nicholson, director of Music at Lexington Presbyterian Church, Columbia SC
Jeremy is a true artist with a pastor’s heart. In his songwriting and live performances, he always has an eye toward blessing the people he’s with.
— Zac Hicks (Author, The Worship Pastor)
We booked Jeremy for The Living Room Show last winter and it was an incredible evening. His story telling and songwriting are deep and will leave you and your friends feeling you like you just ate a feast.  In addition, his musicianship and vocals also give you the ‘wow’ factor. 
— Sam Hill (Louisville, Kentucky)
Jeremy Casella’s music, like all good art, lives at the nexus of curious wonder, poetic concentration, and hard-won craft. His songs in turn confront and console us with evocations of life’s brokenness and beauty, while pointing like sonic signposts to the hope of lasting joy.
— Steve Vanderwoude (Hammond, IN)
Jeremy is a skilled artist, but to me he is also much more. He is my dear friend. I have had the privilege of walking alongside him through some of the darkest of valleys, as well as through seasons of redemption, renewal, and hope. Whatever the occasion or circumstance, one thing has remained true throughout: Jeremy is a man smitten by Jesus, who lives in full awareness and awe of the One who loves him and gave Himself up for him. This, I believe, is the power behind the man and the music. I love Jeremy’s music because I trust, and in so many ways aspire to be, the man that he is.
— Scott Sauls (Lead Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN & Author, Jesus Outside The Lines)
Jeremy’s music has always fed my soul with the hope of the Gospel. The last few years he has sat at the feet of Jesus in such a way that being at his concert is like sitting at the feet of Jesus with him. Not only his music but his stories and experiences engage you deeper into God’s love. He is an unmistakable testament to the work of Jesus.
— Fritz Games (Lead Pastor, Redeemer Church – Louisville, Kentucky)
Jeremy Casella is one of the great singer/songwriters of our time whose music is filled with artistry, conviction and passion. He is an old soul for his age and has a heart that conveys truth and beauty with profound simplicity.
— Phil Keaggy, Legendary Guitarist & Recording Artist